Yoga Exercise…

Yoga exercises; breathing and stretching.

Anyone who’s never done yoga before and to those that are familiar please know that when you see I’ve broken a routine down into part 1, part 2, part 3 etc., they are really one routine. My breaking a routine down into parts is done so anyone who has never done yoga before can understand and master the technic, which is important.

Ok, first off there are a few must for Yoga practice; breathing, stretching and especially for meditation. Many of us live in a busy world, so to reap maximum benefits in least amount of time from the routines it’s important to follow some guide lines. Focus is everything! I also feel as in any routine, for instance weight training, jogging etc. it’s important to have a goal in mind a spiritual goal. Being spiritual is a path to a stress free and healthier life style. And, it’s easy. The best time of day is early morning but, anytime is ok.

For meditation and breathing

1. A quiet spot free from noise and other distractions eg. pets, kids, wind.

2. View or surroundings should be peaceful and relaxing, no bright colors.

A place you can focus without any distractions or least distractions as possible for up to 30 minutes as time progresses. Most routines require minimum 15 mins.

For stretching

Enough space to move about, about 8 feet by 8 feet is good and again focus is important. You want to feel the Heart, mind and body connection. You want to relax and move all as one.

The stretching and breathing routines you want to move at your own pace. depending on your health you may want to speak with your doctor.

At this point hold on and grab the reins to the power that will put you in control of your life. Everything around us and we ourselves are forever changing. The conditions of our planet are changing and it seem maybe not for the best. The best way to understand it is to get in line with natures flow of energy. Life is about cycles, how can one doubt that? Just look around every life all life is in a cycle. A process of moving forward in time and space. By breath and by voice one is connected to the beginning of time to an eternity. We’re all connected, we are all a part of…

What one does or tries to do to others you are really doing to yourself.

Part 1

Breathing Exercise

This is a great breathing exercise to begin with. To get us ready for alignment and path to enlightenment. Remember I’m here for you.

Go to your peaceful spot. You’ll need something comfortable to sit on. The awesome side of Yoga, teaches one to love and treat your body with respect, especially in the spiritual sence. Life falls into place after that.

I use the lotus position. If you are not that flexible at the start, not to worry any comfortable sitting position will do. The important thing in breathing routine is keeping your back and neck straight as possible.

Once sitting down back and neck straight sort of give your body a little wiggle giggle, loosen and just relax. Allow your breathing to be normal. Relax. Start listening to your breath, focus on your breath as you breath in and out good healthy normal breathes in and out. Listen to and focus on your breath follow it in your nose feel its coolness follow it into your chest and lungs. When your lungs fill with its coolness hold it for 3-5 seconds. Relax. Exhale, normal steady breaths feel its warmth leaving your lungs following your breath out. Exhale, push all the stale air out of your lungs just to point of unconformability. hold 3-10 seconds. Repeat 50-60 times or for 12-15 minutes. Remember most important in this routine remain focused on th breath in and out. No matter how much your mind strays when training it with the breath bring it to bare on the breath. And keep your breathing normal and steady.

This routine is a training exercise to bring mind and body under control. Above is part 1 of three parts in understanding the breath. This exercise in its entirety begins with multi tasking and with a little practice can flow with a single energy.



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