Imagination and Faith Are One

Imagination – the power so called
Through sad incompetence of human speech,
That awefull power rose from the mind’s abyss
Like an unfathered vapour that enwraps,
At once, some lonely traveller. I was lost;
Halted without an effort to break through;
But to my conscious soul i know can say-
‘I recognize thy glory’ ; in such strength
Of usurpation, when the light of sense
Goes out, But with a flash that has revealed
The invisible world, doth greatness make abode,
There harbours; whether we be young or old,
Our destiny, our beings heart ond home,
Is with infinitude, and only there;
With hope it is, hope that can never die,
Effort, and expectation, and desire,
And something evermore about to be.

Prelude to crossing of the Alps