I love change, especially when I am making changes in my own life. Making changes in one’s life is an awesome experience and even more so for the one making the changes. Making changes, I mean really making changes in and with your life gives one the chance to get to know ones self. You can change nothing you don’t understand! We all know that. Change is simple.

In fact, please try so understand. We’ve all have heard or have been there to hear; the answer was right there, it was so simple I overlooked it. or We’ve been in a situation for instance a wire or button is loose on your car or stereo and wont work, you get frustrated and overlook as little a thing as a turning of a button. My point is simplicity, the easiest is most often overlooked.

For most of us considering change in our lives can be frustrating. Face it, we all want to make improvements in our lives. The problem is we turn ourselves off before we get started because; when for the most part, when we consider change we do it in frustrating moments, or because of finances or we have ourselves in a situation. Sometime someone else or others are making decisions for us. Those examples and more are reasons we say and hear often change is scary. When we have no control over changes in our own lives I believe we should be afraid.

When one thinks about what our true possessions are in our life time rather we be young or old, wealthy or poor, and I mean true possessions. Not something you can win or lose at the stock market nor something you loose over time.

We as Human Beings own our lives, we own our thoughts and most importantly we own our Love. Life continues after this physical body. Nothing can touch or stop Life, Love or our thoughts. So to begin change by taking ownership of you. You own your life, your love and your thoughts. They’re yours!

On the path to change knowing ones self and I mean truly knowing ones self is not a teaching but a technic. To know one’s self in its self is the first seeds of change. When one sows the seeds of happiness in the garden of love all things become possible.

I ask myself two questions, “am I happy and what do I need to do for my or me and my families security(needs) in life. Happiness is a driving force. happiness flows from the One and the One is love. All things arose from the seed of love.

As you can see change is easy. Know yourself

September 14
Continuation on Change

Now that the news; Moving forward, time for change has come. The process and preparation. Preparing for a leap in change in one’s life and at present my life. The one thing in my life right now that remains steady is discipline and focus. Anyone who’s made a huge change in their life knows that every decision that one makes is important. Given that we do live in a cause and effect world one must be careful of every decision and action. Actions follow decision. Scientifically speaking;

In a cause and effect world, if we know the causes we can predict the effects.
So, “what is chance for the ignorant is not chance for the scientist. Chance is
only the measure of our ignorance”.

I thought that equation was a good example to my point in regards to change and decision-making. If one is not careful we may find ourselves in the same situation after so much time and energy spent. We do for strange reasons tend to do that. And, again we will sacrifice our happiness and growth as an individual. Know your direction and stay on your path!

Direction and path, sooo important. When it comes to life changing changes especially. Direction and path is crucial to keeping one grounded in an otherwise flighty time. I have spent four years preparing for this change. Well, when i realized I was in a situation; stuck in the country with no drivers licence(driving no insurance) First six months was just holding it to gether, I lived in Toronto most my life. Big change. So much quiet.

Anyway, took me a year to realize I need to make changes, and for the best part change with in my self. That IS where true change begins. That my friends is where you sow your seeds, and you sow your seeds in the love for self. Owning yourself, your life, your thoughts grounds you puts you in control. That is what I’ve done for the past three years. Using Yoga; stretching and breathing I’ve gotten to push myself to the limits in many aspects of my life and in a much healthier way.

Meditation and contemplation are the most useful and the funnest tools I know for one to know one’s self, and I mean to truly know one’s self. Learning to live in the moment is an incredible journey experience. The end result; Free of fear!

Most of us know that fear exist in us, and sadly enough we’ve learned to live with it. The fear we learn to live with is sort of underlying current. Please try to understand, everyday life is and has become in past years more pronounced with political problems around the world, the economy, weather and climate change and problems going on with in our governments around the globe and in our back yards. Yes we are ladened with fears and worries, 2012 the list goes on.

Being at peace and love with self allows us to be and become confident, assertive, builds esteem in ones self. The best way for an individual to stay grounded is; Know thy self the rest is easy.

Remember friends; Own your thoughts, your self, and your life. They’re yours, you come into this life this world with those three things, you live and you leave this world with same. Rather we be young, old, rich, poor good or evil At the end of the day all we truly own is our Thoughts, Self and life.

In the end our deeds here on earth will determine our path.

When one is making changes in one’s life it’s not change itself you need to worry about, it’s about finding the right sources, help you need on your path. In these situations you need to rely on entities outside yourself. This is where one needs to know your plan, where you want to go and are going. Direction and focus!

Everyone has well intended advise. Others sometimes think that they know what’s best for us, hell sometime they do. Sometime you just need to do what makes you happy. We were each given our own lives to live, no one else can live it for us.


A quick Self Analyzes

Sometimes I need to do a self analyzes of self and others… I devote a meditation session to this twice a month, it’s become important for me to do this. Helps to balance mental equilibrium.

How does one know when one should do or needs to do a self analyzes; Feeling stress, Tired often, Poor sleep, Bad decision-making, Feel you have no time, flighty, wasting your time etc.. Sometime we experience many of these at any given moment during our day. Most times we feel so many we don’t know where to start looking. Through years of meditation I have found answers. Feeling confused is no fun lol.

These are the answers that I have found for the most part. They are caused by outside entities, responsibilities and the replay syndrome. will try to explain.
*Outside entities; family, friends, spouse, kids, co-workers and bosses.
*Responsibilities; work, shelter, to spouse or partner, kids and friends.
*Replay syndrome; this is when things around us and in our lives fall apart. As we try to make sense of things and before we do we make life changing decisions under these circumstances. What we normally do is put ourselves in the same situation again and again hoping it will change. Only we have the power to change things with in our own lives, NO ONE CAN DO IT FOR US!

Through meditation and higher consciousness I found a method to put us in the driver’s seat of our own lives and im going to share. It’s really very simple and, so easy.

I challenge you to see for yourself. You’ll need to devote four days approx. twenty minutes per day, WILL CHANGE YOUR WAY OF THINKING.

Session 1 DO this; find a quiet place and time in your day. Early morning is good, anytime time of day will do. loosen up a bit I sit crossed leg or lotus position. Get comfortable, relax and begin focusing on your breathing. Relax, don’t force your breath. Normal breathes in and out. Begin to focus on your breath listen to the inhale feel the coolness as it moves down into your chest the lungs, just let it happen. As you breath out feel the warmth as you exhale. listen to and feel your breath as it moves in and out of your chest . Just relax breath normal. Very good. After about 5-10 mins shift your thoughts to the people in your immediate life, ponder this for a moment. don’t think about any particular person just jump from name to name. That’s it, day one.
Session 2 Same as day one focus on breath 5-10 minutes shift your thinking to work place. co-workers, bosses, use the next 10 minutes and sort out who makes demands on you there. Sort them all out.
Session 3 Get relaxed in your quiet spot. Focus on your breath, follow it in and out your chest, relax just let it happen. after 5-10 mins shift your thoughts to family, spouse or partner. Go over each name mentally. What are the demands of each family member on you.
Session 4 Your quiet spot, get relaxed, 5-10 on breathing, again; following your breath in and out. Shift your thoughts to friends, all friends, friends far and near. Ponder the demands made on you by friends and or acquaintance.

The idea of these four sessions is to sort out the people in one’s life. Demands made on oneself by those around us can be very stressful. this exercise will help sort those individuals and demands, and help make your life and your choices easier. This execise points out the people making demands from your life, and your time who really have no bearing on your life what so ever. They just stress you out and wear you down. Future stresses and poor decision-making or replay syndrome can be avoided. For the most part we let others make decisions for us. when the same crap happens over and over in our lives, we wonder why. Its because we fail to take actions in our own lives. Wake up, there’s always someone willing and happy to pull our thinking in all directions. Take the first steps to controlling your own life.
Most people don’t mean or intend to pull you in all directions. We just let them. Followers or Leaders???

Listen to your breath, think about all the people in your life and your interactions with them. Let no one make decisios for you, MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES and life is simple.