Path to Enlightenment

In the rising from non-self to self, from unconsciousness to consciousness and from this to supreme consciousness there is a process of unselfishness. The more the lower self is forgotten in good works, and in realization of the beautiful and the true, the quicker becomes the process of evolution.

The self training vision of unity of self and the universe is called Yoga.


Who I Am

One must create a system, or be enslaved by another man’s; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.


Again, respect each man/woman’s path as an individual.

Spirit of Man, and Truth

The path of truth may not be the path of parallel lines but a path that follows one circle: By going right and climbing the circle, or going to the left and climbing the circle we are bound to meet at the top, although we started in appearently contrary directions. This is bound to be in the end, because truth is one

The paths of man are many, but they all in the end come to me.

Respect to all on thier path of life.

Imagination and Faith Are One

Imagination – the power so called
Through sad incompetence of human speech,
That awefull power rose from the mind’s abyss
Like an unfathered vapour that enwraps,
At once, some lonely traveller. I was lost;
Halted without an effort to break through;
But to my conscious soul i know can say-
‘I recognize thy glory’ ; in such strength
Of usurpation, when the light of sense
Goes out, But with a flash that has revealed
The invisible world, doth greatness make abode,
There harbours; whether we be young or old,
Our destiny, our beings heart ond home,
Is with infinitude, and only there;
With hope it is, hope that can never die,
Effort, and expectation, and desire,
And something evermore about to be.

Prelude to crossing of the Alps

Time, Progress

Where there is creation there is progress. Where the is no creation there is no progress. Know the nature of creation.
Where there is joy there is creation, where there is no joy there is no creation. Know the nature of joy.
Where there is the infinite there is joy. There is no joy in the finite.
All true progress is an inner creation that leads to the joy of the infinite. When in the progress of our soul our god of love has been found and the words of beauty of dreams come true.

A quick Self Analyzes

Sometimes I need to do a self analyzes of self and others… I devote a meditation session to this twice a month, it’s become important for me to do this. Helps to balance mental equilibrium.

How does one know when one should do or needs to do a self analyzes; Feeling stress, Tired often, Poor sleep, Bad decision-making, Feel you have no time, flighty, wasting your time etc.. Sometime we experience many of these at any given moment during our day. Most times we feel so many we don’t know where to start looking. Through years of meditation I have found answers. Feeling confused is no fun lol.

These are the answers that I have found for the most part. They are caused by outside entities, responsibilities and the replay syndrome. will try to explain.
*Outside entities; family, friends, spouse, kids, co-workers and bosses.
*Responsibilities; work, shelter, to spouse or partner, kids and friends.
*Replay syndrome; this is when things around us and in our lives fall apart. As we try to make sense of things and before we do we make life changing decisions under these circumstances. What we normally do is put ourselves in the same situation again and again hoping it will change. Only we have the power to change things with in our own lives, NO ONE CAN DO IT FOR US!

Through meditation and higher consciousness I found a method to put us in the driver’s seat of our own lives and im going to share. It’s really very simple and, so easy.

I challenge you to see for yourself. You’ll need to devote four days approx. twenty minutes per day, WILL CHANGE YOUR WAY OF THINKING.

Session 1 DO this; find a quiet place and time in your day. Early morning is good, anytime time of day will do. loosen up a bit I sit crossed leg or lotus position. Get comfortable, relax and begin focusing on your breathing. Relax, don’t force your breath. Normal breathes in and out. Begin to focus on your breath listen to the inhale feel the coolness as it moves down into your chest the lungs, just let it happen. As you breath out feel the warmth as you exhale. listen to and feel your breath as it moves in and out of your chest . Just relax breath normal. Very good. After about 5-10 mins shift your thoughts to the people in your immediate life, ponder this for a moment. don’t think about any particular person just jump from name to name. That’s it, day one.
Session 2 Same as day one focus on breath 5-10 minutes shift your thinking to work place. co-workers, bosses, use the next 10 minutes and sort out who makes demands on you there. Sort them all out.
Session 3 Get relaxed in your quiet spot. Focus on your breath, follow it in and out your chest, relax just let it happen. after 5-10 mins shift your thoughts to family, spouse or partner. Go over each name mentally. What are the demands of each family member on you.
Session 4 Your quiet spot, get relaxed, 5-10 on breathing, again; following your breath in and out. Shift your thoughts to friends, all friends, friends far and near. Ponder the demands made on you by friends and or acquaintance.

The idea of these four sessions is to sort out the people in one’s life. Demands made on oneself by those around us can be very stressful. this exercise will help sort those individuals and demands, and help make your life and your choices easier. This execise points out the people making demands from your life, and your time who really have no bearing on your life what so ever. They just stress you out and wear you down. Future stresses and poor decision-making or replay syndrome can be avoided. For the most part we let others make decisions for us. when the same crap happens over and over in our lives, we wonder why. Its because we fail to take actions in our own lives. Wake up, there’s always someone willing and happy to pull our thinking in all directions. Take the first steps to controlling your own life.
Most people don’t mean or intend to pull you in all directions. We just let them. Followers or Leaders???

Listen to your breath, think about all the people in your life and your interactions with them. Let no one make decisios for you, MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES and life is simple.



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